Monthly interactive Workshops are open to all and feature experts who present on various topics surrounding self-discovery, self-care, healing, and growth. We have meaningful experiences, learn new tools and techniques, and discover and support experts.

Presenters are carefully selected through an application process. They must have previously taught the topic and provide practical take-away skills/knowledge attendees can easily apply to their life or continue to do on their own after the event.

Workshops are offered as a mixture of in-person and online (via Zoom) experiences. In-person workshops are typically offered the 2nd Sunday of the month from 2-4pm. Online workshops are typically offered on the 2nd Tuesday from 7:30-9:30pm. However, all dates/times are subject to change. The in-person events are currently held in a private meeting space in Sterling, Virginia (USA). (Note that during COVID, all Sage Sisters events are on Zoom.) 

Members are able to attend all Workshops for free; non-members pay the general admission ticket price, which varies. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and Facebook.

2020 Workshops

Note: While we are physically distancing, all workshops are offered on Zoom.

  • January 7 & 12: 20/20 Vision: Using Vision Boards to Manifest Your Dream Life, Renee Emery
  • February 9: Connecting to Crystalline Energy: Accepting Help from Crystals, Lauren Martinez
  • March 15: Revisiting Your Vision: 3 Keys to Ensuring You Achieve Your Goals, Rajika Mahan
  • April 19: Self Talk for Self Care, Gretchen Evangelista
  • May 11: How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides, Katie Morton
  • June 14: Mind Shift: Letting Go of Thoughts That No Longer Serve You, Patricia Bonnard
  • July 13: Using EFT/Tapping to Release Stress and Create the Life You Want, Nancy Linnerooth
  • August 11: Living without Regret: Aligning Your Actions with Your Values, Barika Porter 
  • September 15: Identifying and Releasing Your Subconscious Beliefs with PSYCH-K®, Judy Kane
  • October 4: We Are All Psychic: Discovering Your Own Hidden Abilities, Nancy Wyatt
  • November 8: Acupressure for Self-Care, Seva Stress Release Sequence, Alison Babil
  • December 6: Mindfulness Painting, Jody Tompros

2019 Workshops

  • February: From B.S. to He!! Yes: How to Claim Your Most Joyful Life, Susan Rose
  • March: Why Do You Help Others and Not Yourself? (A Practical Guide to Self-Love and Understanding), Nancy Wyatt
  • April: A Creative Journey Through The Four Agreements, Kaira Boston
  • May: Hypnotherapy for Self-Care, Dianne Rhodes
  • June: FLOW Through Your Life: Release the Past & Create Your Future, Rae Roach
  • July: Feminine Form Yoga and Ayurveda for Women, Tracy DeBellis
  • August: Creating Easy and Personal Spiritual Practices for Self-Care, Amber Chamberlain
  • September: Stand in Confidence: The Secrets of Successful Communication, Linda Aivalotis
  • October: Exploring the Deeper Messages Hidden within your Dreams, Dianne Rhodes
  • November: Living from the Inside Out: How You Can Benefit from Body Talk, Patricia Bonnard
  • December: Using Reiki and Energy Awareness to Heal, Protect, and bring Joy into your Life, Bekah Weideman

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