I absolutely love attending the Sage Sisters book club! It fills my cup and I walk away feeling uplifted. The women in the group are encouraging, welcoming and really rally around each other. Thank you Janet for providing such a place to attend! It’s awesome 🙂 – Jess D.

I love the book club. I have met so many wonderful women with so many common interests. The books are great and I always learn something new each event. – Sherry F.

I have always wanted to join a book club but struggled to find one that was reading books that appealed to me consistently.  With a busy schedule, I’m very picky about which books I choose to read in my free time.  The Sage Sisters has an emphasis on personal development and the selection has been truly the cream of the crop in my opinion.  We read a nice variety of books- ranging from deeply spiritual and life-changing to practical with easy to apply ideas.  The carefully curated reading list that Janet puts together is a huge value to me- I always trust not only that it will be time well spent reading the book but also that I was truly meant to read that exact book at this exact time.

Beyond that, the women that come to the club consistently are wonderful.  Each woman I have met through Sage Sisters is intelligent, kind, funny, and inclusive and I consider myself extremely fortunate to get to spend time with them each month!  Each book discussion is thoughtful, authentic, and challenges me to examine my own ideas and understanding of the topic.  Janet does a wonderful job of facilitating- from providing a “cheat sheet” so that even those who haven’t had a chance to read the book can participate to providing a rich list of discussion questions and topics to ensure we maximize our time together.  My life is richer now that I have found the Sage Sisters and I am so excited to continue to learn and grow with this amazing group of women. – Lauren M.