The complimentary Book Club is open to everyone and meets monthly to discuss a self-development book. Two day/time/location options are given to provide a greater opportunity for everyone to attend. It is a special space and time designed to help women start and continue down a path of self-discovery and self-development with other positive women.

Whether you’ve read the book each month or not, you are welcome to attend the discussion. We’ll share our “aha!” moments, ask questions, learn how others plan to incorporate or implement the book’s ideas, and share our own stories if we wish.

The next month’s book is always announced at the end of the Barnes & Noble book club night and posted in the Facebook group and on Meetup the following day.

Book Club discussions are held on regular days/times of the month, based on space availability. Dates are adjusted when the date falls on a holiday or school break.

• 1st Thursday of the Month, Barnes & Noble at One Loudoun, 7:30-9:30 pm
• 3rd Wednesday of the Month, Brambleton Library, 7-9 pm

Books that we have read within the Book Club:

  • Playing Big, Tara Mohr
  • Finding Your Own North Star, Martha Beck
  • A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle
  • The Miracle of Mind Dynamics, Joseph Murphy
  • The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor
  • The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown
  • The Power of Not Yet, Donna Pisani
  • The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz
  • The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins
  • The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman
  • The Path Made Clear, Oprah Winfrey
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Mindset, Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.
  • Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom

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