What do I want to Discover and Learn? In what area do I want to Grow?
What steps do I need to take to accomplish that goal? What kind of help do I need?

A Mastermind is the coming together of a group for the purpose of growth. It is a magical process – knowledge is shared and amplified, energy and creativity increases, and participants stay in action working toward their goals.

The Sage Sisters Mastermind is open to all Sage Sister Members as a monthly opportunity to go deeper into personal development within a small group. By participating, collectively we become stronger and individually we become richer. It meets on the 4th Monday of the month from 7-9pm in a private meeting space in Sterling. Non-members may participate once before joining.

The Sage Sisters Mastermind Benefits:

  • Have time to focus on what is important to you
  • Gain insight, new ideas, and resources
  • Stay focused on your personal growth
  • Be inspired by a community of growth-oriented, positive women
  • Share your own knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help others
  • Feel safe in the space we create together, filled with mutual respect and trust
  • Actively share, declare, ask, and receive in the Sage Sisters Member Facebook Group
  • Create deep, lasting relationships/friendships

You will find the scheduled Mastermind sessions at the below links. Please RSVP on the platform you prefer so we can plan for your attendance.

Have questions? I’d love to chat with you.