One of the biggest influences on my happiness has been the practice of gratitude. I also love reading the acknowledgements at the beginning of books. In the same light, I’d like to express my appreciation for the many people who have helped me bring the idea of The Sage Sisters alive.

First and foremost, I have to thank my parents, who always encouraged me to be and do anything my heart desired, offered me their full love and support, and have always showed immense pride in anything I’ve ever accomplished.

My husband, Lee, has always treated me as an equal partner in our life together, and has always supported me in anything I wanted to do. He holds down the fort when I’m away working, networking, or otherwise building relationships and my business, without a single hint of annoyance or complaint, and is an amazing dad to our two sons.

Katie Morton has been guiding me to my true purpose since before I discovered who I am, and before the idea of a women’s self-development group had come to me. Working with Katie every month has provided me with the confidence and specific direction I needed, and she has taught me to trust my own intuition.

The trainers and mentors at Elite Marketing Pro helped me to go deeper than I ever had before. Despite taking a different path than I originally set out on, and the one that they primarily teach to, they continued to provide the ultimate training and service. It will take a lifetime to take advantage of their vast resources and opportunities to learn.

After creating my public Facebook “personal brand” page, I knew I needed more professional photography. Mina Habibi is not only a talented photographer, she is intuitively gifted at bringing out the essence of someone. She tells the story about the photo shoot(s) so eloquently [here], that it brought tears to my eyes when I first read it.

I’ve always been a visual person (I was an art/graphic design major for a short time) so I knew when I created The Sage Sisters that I wanted a logo for it. Melissa Lew took my ideas and before replying to my request for information and pricing, sent me a draft logo which instantly showed me that she understood my vision and had the talent to bring it to life graphically. She’s also a jewelry designer, and created a signature necklace with the lightbulb icon for my Members.

I’ve always known that behind every writer is an even more talented editor, but I have finally experienced it firsthand. I am so grateful to Joan Delcoco for her amazing skills and thoughtful ideas and suggestions. She took my guide, “5 Ways to Live a Happier Life” and perfected it.

Several local experts graciously agreed to present workshops for The Sage Sisters, before I had even launched my programs. Without them, I cannot be the resource, facilitator, and connector I believe in my heart I am. I am grateful for their knowledge and skills, trust in me, and for wanting to be a part of my programming.

Several women I know, both professionally and personally, graciously offered (and continue to offer) me advice based on their experiences and/or expertise, reviewed my programming and original printed materials, connected me to other like-minded women, and endlessly encouraged me.

Marjon Barreto and Stephanie Turner embarked with me years ago on a mission to provide better health and a better life for others. They have stood by me and encouraged me to follow this dream as well, and its been my great pleasure watching them succeed, too.

And finally, the Founding Sage Sisters Members and women who have attended The Sage Sisters book club discussions and workshops have made this dream a reality. My utmost gratitude goes to each of them!