What books has the Book Club read in the past?

An updated list of what we have read, including the book titles and authors, is included on the Book Club page, here.

Will a newcomer to the Book Club who hasn’t read the previous books or current book be able to participate fully in the conversation?

Anyone can participate in the book club discussions. I provide handouts with questions or talking points that launch the group into a wonderful discussions where everyone feels they can contribute based on their own life experiences and learning. All that is required is a positive, open, and respectful mindset. With that said, the more people who have read the book or are familiar with the author and his/her work, typically the more deep we can go with the conversation.

I’m interested in presenting to The Sage Sisters. How are speakers selected?

We offer opportunities for experts to speak in person and via Zoom at our Workshops on the topics of self-development, self-care, healing, and growth. If that interests you, please email me at janet@janetsage.com to set up a time to chat, and request an expert application.

Is The Sage Sisters a professional networking group?

We are not a professional networking group within which to sell services or products. Any business should be the result of personal relationships built within the group, and be conducted outside of the group.

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