What is in it for you?

I am part of a small group of women who help one another twice a month with business ideas and advice. We have similar missions, but do completely different things and have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, so the advice given and received is invaluable to each of us. 

During yesterday’s chat we were each sharing our “elevator speech” – the short but compelling blurb that we can offer quickly to someone (as quickly as an elevator ride) about what we do. 

In listening to each of these amazing beings, I realized that my introduction has been all about The Sage Sisters, but says nothing about who I am. It was an “aha!” moment for me. One that took me right back to the drawing board…

So I wrote down the words…inspiring…perspective…connector…facilitator…because those are the words that seem to follow me around. My very first tagline for my Facebook page was “Thoughtfully Inspiring Self-Development.” That was over 2 years ago. Now it’s, “Inspiring Small Changes that Grow Happiness.” Some things just stick. 😉

I remember when I was conceptualizing the idea of The Sage Sisters, way before the structure was in place and it had a name, I had a call with one of my coaches, who asked me what YOU (my audience) wants, and what I have to offer you.

I told him that I offer additional perspectives and new ways of thinking about things. His response was that people don’t want to think differently. I was a bit stunned, and because of it, I stopped sharing that idea. Oh, silly Janet…

This week I hosted one of my two monthly self-development book club discussions. One member commented that she loves the book club because she reads the books on her own and thinks about how the concepts apply to her life, but she also appreciates hearing others’ perspectives and experiences, to broaden her understanding, and therefore her ability to apply each book’s teachings. 

It was in that moment that I realized that coach was either wrong, or I had misunderstood him. It was confirmation that there ARE people who DO want to learn how to think differently – who genuinely want to improve their lives by discovering things about themselves they weren’t consciously aware of before, learning new concepts and ideas, applying those, and growing as a result.

And those seekers are the people whom I can help. 

While I’m still on my own journey (and let’s face it, I always will be, because life is a continuous journey of learning and growth) I have gained wisdom and insights that have changed my life in incredible ways, and because of those experiences I am able to help other people.

Sometimes all it takes is a a simple shift in perspective to completely change how you feel about something. Or learning a new technique or idea you can apply to life’s challenges. That is where the magic is, and our happiness is found.

That is what I can offer you. 

So my new elevator speech, which I’m sure I will continually revise, is this:

I’m Janet Tamassia and I inspire women to look at their life experiences with new perspectives and incorporate easy practices that bring them greater happiness. I have cultivated a community of like-minded women who believe they are on a continuous journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth, called The Sage Sisters. For that community I offer a self-development book club; bring in experts to teach a variety of tools and techniques in a workshop setting; and facilitate a mastermind group for more focused personal growth within a small group.

I did a visualization once, as part of Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big, where she takes you to meet your future self. I ended up in England in a beautiful white house with large columns and pristine landscaping, where I was greeted by a warm, welcoming woman who invited me into her home and made me some tea and offered me a scone. We sat in her cozy living room that was filled with books, and within a heart-warming conversation I soaked up her wisdom and guidance. 

I invite you to imagine that you’re in that living room with me, and if you believe I might be able to offer you an additional perspective or idea to consider, comment below, or send me a private message to janet@janetsage.com to connect.

I look forward to chatting with you!

In love and light ~Janet

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Judy Kane says March 22, 2019

What a beautiful offering! I wish I were closer and able to participate – these sound like activities I would love to be part of.

    Janet Sage says April 9, 2019

    Thank you so much for your kinds words, Judy. I hope to be able to offer more online in the future; stay tuned.

accounting firms says July 3, 2020

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