“Facting” vs. Experiencing

I have been put in situations my whole life where someone presents facts to me because they feel I need to know them and want me to treat them as facts, too.

I finally have learned that I do not have to engage when someone does that. 

My response of not engaging can be infuriating to those who feel more secure in a factual world. They often believe I want to put my head in the sand and/or I’m simply an idiot or a fool. I beg to differ.

This is what I believe to be true…

Facts are determined by perception.

The sky is blue, because we see it with our eyes as blue.

How a law impacts us determines whether we see that law as good or a bad. 

Even in science, proven facts are constantly being challenged and disproven.

And when speaking to people about their experiences, two people who experienced the same thing can have completely different views about what happened, which is based on a lot of factors.

Reporting makes things even harrier, since facts and statistics can be recorded and skewed in any manner. Details can be emphasized, deemphasized, or even left out. Sometimes truths are really just half truths, or not true at all.

I try to approach all things with an open mind, and instead, ask questions, do my own research, and do my best to experience things for myself, so I can come to my own conclusions and create my own truth. And I respect the fact that my truth may not be your truth.

I engage with people who come to me out of genuine curiosity and ask questions. Who want to learn what has shaped my beliefs. When approached in that manner, I am happy to share. And I’m happy to learn what has shaped their beliefs and their lives. It is in that way that it is possible that our minds become open to additional possibilities, that we help one another learn and grow, and that we become more accepting, loving people. And to me, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters in this life.

I read the following, shortly after writing the above…it was like a nod from the Universe, or what I like to call a “God wink”: “The only reason anything has manifested into a physical, definable truth is because someone has given enough attention to it to make it so. But just because someone else has managed to create their truth, it does not mean that it has any relationship to you. You are not obliged to create it as part of your own reality because someone else did.”

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