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On Judgment & My Spiritual “Coming Out”

Judgment is the lesson I’m supposed to learn about in this life. Judgmental-ness pushes my buttons like no other – it really gets me fired up. That’s how I *know* it’s my lesson to learn. One of my earliest, deepest feelings about judgment was centered on something I was taught – that the religion I was […]

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Does watching the news make you happy?

I have a friend who texted me recently that she’s not enjoying her work anymore. She wasn’t sure why, and wondered if she needed to find a new job. I offered her some advice and sent her here to read my story, and how I came to discover what I should be doing with my […]

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What is in it for you?

I am part of a small group of women who help one another twice a month with business ideas and advice. We have similar missions, but do completely different things and have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, so the advice given and received is invaluable to each of us.  During yesterday’s chat we […]

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