Benefits of Membership

The Sage Sisters is a community of like-minded women who are actively engaged in discovering, learning, and growing – to become the best versions of ourselves. We believe in opening our minds and hearts to discover more about ourselves and others; we seek to learn new concepts/ideas, tools, and techniques; and we subscribe to the idea that growth is a lifelong journey.

We engage in self-development book club discussions, interactive workshops offered by experts, mastermind sessions focused on personal growth, and socials for fun relationship building. We offer one another support, respect, and kindness while sharing our own perspectives, experiences, wisdom, and resources. The result is authentic connections, soul-enriching relationships, personal growth, and greater happiness.

Membership gives each member the opportunity to connect more deeply and take full advantage of all the programs offered.

NEW Virtual Membership (effective 9/1/20)

When COVID began we seamlessly moved all of our programs online using Zoom. Because of that shift, our programming has attracted new participants from near and far. I am encouraged by this and want all of our virtual participants to feel they have found a home that will be continue to be nurtured and sustained. The addition of like-minded souls who have national and international perspectives adds more value to our already incredible group. I will provide a way for everyone to continue to participate in our programming even when we resume our in-person events.

With that goal in mind and the fact that I’m not sure when we’ll be able to meet in person again, I’ve decided to create a new Virtual Membership option. All current and new members will be considered and charged dues as Virtual Members until we are able to meet again in person. At that time, all members will be able to choose to remain a Virtual Member or resume/begin as an All-Access Member, which will once again include the ability to attend all in-person and virtual events.

In the below to charts, the light gray boxes show what will be different from what we are doing currently, and what is being considered and/or planned for the future.

Current Member Benefits & Event Access

Future Member Benefits & Event Access

(Details may change. It is always my goal to provide as much value as possible, so I will remain flexible in order to do so.)

* Days may vary depending on presenter availability and holidays.

Additional Membership Benefits

  • Members-only Facebook Community for continuous sharing and relationship building
  • Library of all past Book Discussion Notes in digital format
  • Partner Perks – special perks offered by sister organizations
  • Charitable donation made on behalf of The Sage Sisters each month (recipient organizations are chosen by Members)
  • Exclusive Sage Sister Member Swag

Membership Fees & Dues
Enrollment Fee: $26, due at the time of enrollment
Current Membership Option: Virtual Membership Monthly Dues: $26/month

Note: When we start to offer in-person events again, you may choose to upgrade your membership and become an All-Access Member. Launch date to be announced.

Once you have submitted your application and it has been approved, you may use the below Paypal link to pay for your enrollment fee:

Once you have paid your enrollment fee, you may subscribe to monthly membership payments here: 

Have questions? I’d love to chat with you.